Long term effects of chemicals and fertilizers

At the end of World War II, a model of intensive agriculture was created with the purpose of increasing yields of the crops making use of synthetic compounds. However, long term effects of chemicals and fertilizers have proven to be threatening both for the environment and for overall health.

Artificial compounds that damage the soil

Since 1940, farmers began to work with monoculture planting using agricultural resources like chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Although it is true that these compounds increase agricultural productivity during the first years of use, it is known that such result is not sustained for long.

One of the most alarming long term effects of chemicals and fertilizers is the damage that undergoes the structure of the area of cultivation. Farmers frequently report that the use of these synthetic resources leads to erosion and poor crops.

For such reason, prestigious companies are resorting to a production system that aims to make the most of natural resources. Such technique emphasizes soil fertility and biological activity avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in order to protect the environment and human health.

In a natural environment plants rely on microorganisms to convert nourishing substances into compounds that they can absorb. Bacteria break down organic matter and minerals while the mycorrhizal fungus that lives on their roots helps them to absorb enough water and nutrients.

Such process also gives place to the formation of hormones and antibiotics that enhance their development and protect them from diseases. In this way are cultivated the healthy ingredients.

The excessive use of commercial fertilizers alters the natural equilibrium of the soil by destabilizing the nitrogen-carbon ratio. Such imbalance reduces the bacterial population and weakens the texture of crop ground. This situation hinders the healthy development of herbs.

The manufacturers avoid the use of herbs cultivated with fertilizers because they lack the necessary nourishing properties. The constant use of di-ammonium phosphate, calcium nitrate or aluminum sulphate affects soil alkalinity increasing its acidity. A very high or low pH will lead to an unavailability of essential nutrients.

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The effects of synthetic fertilizers on the environment

The transformed products of synthetic fertilizers released as gases have negative effects on the environment. Acid rain is one of the consequences of the presence of such compounds. On the other hand nitrous oxide causes an increase in global temperature.

The greenhouse gases produced by these compounds are also responsible for breaking the ozone layer that protects us from ultraviolet rays. The developers of VigRX Plus are aware of these noxious effects, and they aim to contribute to environmental protection avoiding at all costs the use of these synthetic chemicals.

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