Responsible use of chemicals means better health for all of us


Excessive use of nitrogen fertilizers can provide an increase on the harvest in short term. However, in the long run such situation leads to unpleasant results like a reduction of the nutritive value of the crops and an increment on their levels of toxicity. For such reasons, it is important to make an adequate use of such resources and moderately employ them only when they are required.

Contaminating effects of the excessive use of fertilizers

Undoubtedly, depending on the nature of the ground, there are cases when it is necessary to resort to the use of fertilizers. However, the producers of VigRX Plus ingredients are aware that a responsible use of chemicals means better health for all of us.

When synthetic fertilizers are used in greater quantities than they can be assimilated by crops, they tend to pollute the environment leading to unwanted consequences. The excess of these compounds is usually removed by the action of water or wind from the soil surface before they can be absorbed.

When nitrites contained on synthetic fertilizers are absorbed by the organism, they transform hemoglobin into methemoglobin. The latter is unable to capture and deliver oxygen in a functional way. For such reason, its concentration in the organism should not exceed 2%.

A concentration of methemoglobin ranging from 5 and 10% triggers the first signs of cyanosis. More than 15% leads to an insufficiency of muscular oxygenation and an accumulation higher than 50% can be lethal.

Responsible use of chemical compounds for the cultivation of medicinal plants

The producers of VigRX Plus ingredients only resort to natural fertilizers contained on organic matter whose nitrogen is in the form of ammonium. They apply it only insofar as the plants are able to consume it.

When they apply fertilizers they add mature plant material, such as grass stems or wheat straw, which has a high carbon content and low nitrogen concentration. In this way the microorganisms can use both compounds linking them to their own bodies, obtaining a slow discharge of the later.

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